Department of History

The Department of History was started in 1967, two years after the establishment of the University in 1965.The Department aims at making it is a Centre of Excellence for study and research in the field of Humanities & Social Sciences.The major objectives of the Department are:

  • To introduce the students with major trends of changes and developments in the life and culture of the humanity.
  • To acquaint the students to the emerging branches of historical studies and thought, and creation of a new generation of historians.
  • To undertake extensive research on various aspects of history of Assam and the North-East India.
  • To research on India’s inter country socio-economic and political relationships with the neighbours.
Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Chair

The University established the Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Chair in recognition of the service and contribution the Department with an objective to study  the religion and ethno-history of this region. Thus, the Chair has become an eminent centre for socio-cultural studies. It organizes the Birth Anniversary of Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva and special lectures by scholars and social workers every year.

Buddhist Study Centre

The UGC sanctioned a grant for the establishment of Buddhist Study Centre during the 12th plan period.The Centre is attached to and developed by the Department of History. It is engaged in research on Buddhism, Buddhist Communities of North East India and Buddhist culture. It organizes seminars, lectures by eminent Buddhist scholars.


Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

Guest/Visiting Faculty

  • Professor B. D. Chattopadhyaya

  • Professor Basudev Chatterji

  • Professor Rajan Gurukkal

  • Professor Bhairavi Prasad Sahu

  • Professor Ranjan Chakraborty

  • Professor S. Z. H. Jafri

  • Professor Sajal Nag

  • Professor Om Prakash Jaiswal

  • Professor Rajat Dutta


  • Dr. Manilal Bose

  • Dr. Swarnalata Baruah

  • Dr. Pratap Chandra Choudhury

  • DrNilanjan Goswami

  • Dr. Shrutidev Goswami

  • Dr. Monorama Sharma

  • Dr. S.K.Basu

  • Dr. Shiela Bora

  • Dr. Anowar Hussain

  • Dr. Dambarudhar Nath

  • Mr Vaijayanta Kumar Dutta

  • Dr Arupjyoti Saikia

The Department of History offers Ph. D. ,M.Phil and two year Post-Graduate programmes. The Department has restructured its syllabus in accordance with the UGC model curriculum syllabus and UGC NET syllabus. The department has also introduced compulsory papers such as Gender History, Environmental History etc. to make the students acquainted with the latest areas of research. The major thrust areas of the department are political, social, cultural, and religious history, history of environment, ethnicity, and gender history. Regional historical developments are given importance.

Research Projects Undertaken by the Department

Sl. No.

Name of the principal investigator

Title of the project

Sponsoring authority



Prof. D.Nath

MayamaraVaishanavSamajar Than Satra

ShriShriAniruddha Chair

Completed, 2010



Community and Culture Formation in North East:A case Study of the Matak- Morans


Completed, 2011



Religious Traditions of Assam, 16th -20th Century

UGC, under SAP-DRS(I), effective from April, 2009

Ongoing, 2009-2014



Select Bibliography of the Religious Beliefs and practices in Assam

Under SAP

Completed, 2011



The MayamaraSatra: Institutional Structure and Social Relationships- A study in Historical Perspective

ShriShriAniruddhadeva Chair




Archaelogical Remains of Religious Traditions in Assam- Sivasagar District

Under SAP

Completed, 2012



Archaeological Remains of Religious Traditions in Assam- Barpeta District

Under SAP

Completed, 2013



Archaeological Remains of Religious Traditions in Assam- Lakhimpur District

Under Sap




The Satra Institution of Assam- A study of the Changing Interface of the Satra-Society Relationship in Historical Perspective

MaulanaAbulKalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata.

( 2009-2012) completed.



From Community to Caste: A study of the Nath Yogis of Assam in Historical Perspective




Prof. J. Gogoi Nath

Society and Patriarchy in Colonial Assam: A study of Changing status of women in the 19th and early 20th century.




Dr. Rajib Handique

(now on lien)

Ecology and Society in Post Colonial Period with special reference to Upper Assam.



Department of History
Dibrugarh University
Telephone (office): 0373 2370266

  • The Department of History publishes a referred research journal annually entitled Journal of Historical Research since 1974.

  • Students are asked to prepare syllabi related projects to develop a greater understanding of regional issues in terms of historical dimension.

  • National and regional level seminars and workshops are organized by the department time to time to encourage the creative and innovative potentials of the students.

  • Student Study circle of the Department of History, Dibrugarh University

  • Competency Development Session (CDS) for students

  • Coaching for Exams like NET, SET

  • Historical Movie screening

  • Late RajanikantaChowdhury Memorial Award for the student securing the highest grade in the post-graduate course in the department of History.

  • Debates, Group discussions and Quizzes are held time to time for all-round development of the students.

  • Field-trips and study-tour for students.

  • Neo-Vaishnavite Movement in Assam: Phases and Transformation, 25th to 26th March 2010.Sponsored by UGC under SAP

  • Religion, Society Ecology in North- East India, 4th -5th March, 2011. Sponsored by UGC under SAP

  • Interface between Religion and Society Relationship in North- East India 28th -29th September, 2012. Sponsored by UGC under SAP

  • Changing Relationship between Religion and Society, 9th -10th Nov, 2012 Sponsored by MAKAIS

  • Shared History Contested Spaces: Rethinking Territoriality in South Asia on 29th -30th November, 2010, Sponsored by PANOS South Asia  and Dibrugarh University.

  • Understanding Agrarian History of North East India, in 2012, Sponsored by ICHR.

  • ‘Cinema and Society: understanding Cinema of North east Indiain Historical Perspective’, 5th May 2012, Sponsored by ICHR.

  • History Curriculum in B.A Semester Programme  underDibrugarh University,15th Oct. 2011.

  • Workshop on ‘Reading Manuscripts in Medieval Assam’, 16th -17th March, 2013 sponsored by Dibrugarh University.

  • Invited Lecture on ‘Religio-Philosophic Structure of Assamese Neo-Vaishnavism’ by Prof K.N.Phukan,5th June 2009.

  • Invited Lecture on ‘From Bhakti to Sakti: Questions of the Sikh Transformation’ by Prof. Himadri Banerjee, 2010.

  • Invited Lecture on ‘Folk Religion and Oral Traditions of Lower Assam 16-20th century’ by Prof N.C.Sharma,22nd February,2010

  • Invited Lecture on ‘Religion and Reality: An Inquiry into the Hindu Cults of Assam’ by Sivanath Barman, 2010.

  • Invited Lecture on ‘Women in History: Gender, Religion, State and Society in Medieval and Pre-Modern Assam’ by Prof. AparnaMohanta, 2010.

  • Invited Lecture on ‘Temple Management of Assam: A Historical study’ by Dr. Gajendra Adhikary,2010.

  • Professor S. K. Sinha, Department of Anthropology, Gauhati University delivered a lecture on ‘Anthropology on Religion’ on 16th November, 2015 at ShriShriAniruddhadeva Chair.

  • Professor Chandan Kumar Sharma, Department of Sociology, Tezpur University delivered a lecture on the topic ‘ Discourses on Damps and Displacements in North East India on 5th February, 2016.

  • Professor Sajal Nag, Department of History, Assam University delivered a lecture on ‘Religion and Environment’ on 11th February, 2016.

  • Professor O.P. Jaiswal, Former Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology, Patna University delivered a series of lectures on Buddhism during the period 7-11 March, 2016.

  • Professor ArupjyotiSaikia of IIT Guwahati delivered the first S. D. Goswami Memorial lecture on ‘The River, Floodplains and Modern Assam: An Environmental History of the Brahmaputra’ on 14th March, 2016.

  • Professor BasudevChatterji, formerly Chairman of ICHR, New Delhi delivered a series of lectures during the period 14-17 March, 2016.

  • Professor IshratAlam of Aligarh Muslim University delivered 12th H.K. Barpujari Endowment Lecture on ‘Pre-Modern Technological Traditions in India: A Historical Comparative Study’ on 13thMay , 2016.

  • Board Of Studies on History for CBCS in B.A Programme  underDibrugarh University on 24 October, 2016..

  • The Buddhist Study Centre organized a symposium on ‘Parallel Thoughts: Buddhism and Modern Science’ on 8th November, 2016. The theme address was delivered by Geishe Dorji Damdul, director, Tibet House, New Delhi.

  • Library cum Reading Room.

  • Computer Lab with internet Connection.    

  • Audio-visual Aids.

  • Museum.

  • Conference Hall.

  • Seminar Hall.

  • Four lecture Halls.

  • Research scholars’ Room.

  • Student Common Room.

  • Pantry.

  • Students’ Feedback.

  • Grievance Redress Cell.

  • In recognition of the contribution of the Department in the field of Socio-cultural studies, the UGC has recommended it as a Department for UGC’s Special Assistance Programme (SAP) in the year 2009. After successful completion of SAP (DRS-I), the Department has been now doing extensive work under DRS-II on the theme titled ‘Religious Traditions and Society in Assam, 16th-20th Century.’

  • The UGC sanctioned a grant to the Department of History for establishment of Buddhist Study Centre during the 12th plan period.

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