Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science, Dibrugarh University, established in the month of February 1967, has been one of the oldest Departments of the University. In the year 2017, the Department completes 50 years of its presence with significant contribution towards teaching and research in the discipline of political science. The Department has produced more than hundreds of PhD and M. Phil scholars and renowned educationists, administrators and legislators in the country.


  • To contribute to the development of an intellectual and academic environment in which a peaceful and harmonious society based on the principles of fairness and justice can be achieved.


  • To engage with teaching and research of a high standard and quality in the field of Political Science with an interdisciplinary approach whenever necessary.

  • To pursue studies in socio-political processes with an aim to address challenges faced by the society, state, nation and the global community.

  • To undertake research based on socio-political issues pertaining to North-east India with a view to protect and promote ethnic diversity, ecological vibrancy and indigenous cultures of the region.

  • To develop critical insight and create original, innovative and creative ideas

  • To generate committed young men and women dedicated to promoting the plural and democratic ethos of Indian society.

  • To create awareness in society about various rights, liberties and freedom that individuals enjoy and to create future citizens with moral commitment to these values.

  • To ensure a conducive learning ambience with a healthy teacher-student relationship.

  • To make the Department a Centre for Excellence in Political Studies in India and the South East Asian region.

  • To undertake social and academic interventions for the cause of amelioration of the conditions of the marginalized people of the neighbouring areas of the University.


The Department of Political Science has been trying to emphasis on serious research by combining theory with political ethnography of the region using deconstructionist approach decentring conventional methodology. The current thrust area of the Department is Democracy, Human Rights and Peace Studies, Gender Studies, Development Studies, Social Movement and Strategic Studies specific to the North Eastern Region and the Southeast Asia.


(a) Departmental Library: The Departmental Library is equipped with more than 500 books and a good number of back volumes of national and international journals. Faculty, Research Scholars and students can avail the service of the library. Learning resources (books, journals, online journals etc) are centrally purchased by the Laxminath Bezbaroa Central Library and the department also transfers these resources from the Laxminath Bezbaroa Central Library to the departmental library.

(b) Archive:  The department also has a North-East press clipping archive documenting the political activities in the region from 1983 to 1988. Archive has a collection of The North-east press digests that were compiled and published by the department.

(c) ICT Facilities: Classrooms, library, teachers’ rooms, seminar hall and office are facilitated with internet connectivity. Class rooms are equipped with ICT facility. A computer Laboratory with internet connectivity was set up for students and research scholars in 2014.

The Department has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) since the Academic Session 2009-10 in M.A. course. Syllabi of all the programmes are regularly revised and updated in consultation with the Board of Studies (BOS) in Political Science and Departmental CBCS Board and Department Research Committee (DRC). The last revision of syllabi was conducted during Academic Session 2014-15 and the BOS for the revision of the present syllabus is scheduled to be held in March., 2017. The first sitting of the BOS was conducted in December 16, 2016. The syllabus focuses on the emerging areas of political science like Gender Studies, Human Rights, Politics of Developing Countries, Politics of Development, Peace and Conflict Studies, Society and politics in Northeast India, Strategic Studies etc.

Programmes offered:

  • Ph.D. in Political Science

  • M. Phil in Political Science

  • Political Science

  • Audit Course on Human Rights (Interdisciplinary)

Programme Outcome:

The MA in Political Science programme aims to produce students who will:

  1. Be abreast with current areas of Political Studies.

  2. Be able to analyze and interpret socio-political and economic issues with critical approach.

  3. Be plural in their outlooks and worldviews.

  4. Be able to promote human rights, Peace and Sustainable Development.

  5. Be able to contribute fruitfully to discussions, debate and dialogues on issues of national importance.

  6. Be committed to the cause of the subaltern classes.

Research Projects: Completed UGC Sponsored Research Projects on:

  • Portrayal of Women in Print Media in Assam

  • Food Security through Public Distribution System: A study on the functioning of PDS in Dhakuakhana Sub-Division

  • Ethnic Demands and Response of the State in the Post Colonial Assam

Extension Activities:

  • Conducted a field trip to Rohmoria to make a survey on the socio-political situation of the people living there on the 26th of April, 2014.

  • The Department also has an association called Dibrugarh University Political Science Association (DUPSA) consisting of Students and teachers. Through the activities of this association students learn organizational skills, leadership skills, financial management and lessons of democracy. The association also organizes flood relief, field trip, lecture and symposia from time to time.

  • Students of the Department under the guidance of teacher member of DUPSA actively participate in various activities like NSS, cultural, sports and literary programmes in the Varsity Week, inter -university programmes, youth festivals etc. They also engage in academic and administrative committees such as anti ragging committee, pre- admission committee meetings, hostel management committee, court member, training and placement cell, counselling cell etc. Students also engage in literary activities such as the publication of Swapneel, an annual publication of the students, a wall magazine called Puhar is compiled by the students in the Department annually.

  • The students of the department under the aegis of DUPSA conducted a literacy programme attended by children of Class 9 and 10 belonging to the Tea Garden community living in the vicinity of the University to facilitate them in the Board Examinations.

  • The Department is involved in other activities generating awareness about problems such as land erosion, environmental pollution and livelihood insecurity.

  • The Department usually conducts voter awareness programmes of different nature particularly before the elections. SVEEP (Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation) Cell of District Administration, Dibrugarh in collaboration with the Department of Political Science and Department of Economics, Dibrugarh University, organized a rally ‘WALK FOR DEMOCRACY’ rally on 29th March, 2014 from Old High School Field to Chowkidingi field to promote mass awareness among eligible voters to come out and vote in General Lok Sabha Election, April 2014.

Journal of Politics: Journal of Politics is a blind peer-reviewed annual publication of the Department of Political Science, Dibrugarh University. The main objective of the journal is to provide an intellectual platform for the research community in Political Science and in the sub-fields of Political Science.  The journal publishes original research papers with narrower but substantive focus on issues that make up the discipline.

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National Seminar/Conference/Workshop organised by the Department (2010-2016)

  • Organised a NCW and ICSSR sponsored national seminar on Issues of Gender, Peace and Conflict in North East India on February 25-26, 2010.

  • Organised a UGC Sponsored national seminar on State, Human security and Development Emerging: Issues and Challenges in North east India on 26th March 2013.

  • Organised a "UGC sponsored national level workshop on, Human Rights and Duties" from 10 -12 May, 2014.

  • Organised a "national level workshop on Use of Technical Terminology in Political Science" on December 21 -22, 2016, sponsored by Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, MHRD, New Delhi

Lecture Series organized:

  • Prof Apurba Kumar Baruah, Department of Political Science NEHU, delivered two lectures on the State of Political Theory and the Role of Political Scientists, on March 2012.

  • Prof Monirul Hussain, Department of Political Science, Gauhati University, delivered two lectures on the Bodoland Movement on October 2012.

  • Lecture delivered by Dr. Vandana Shiva, an Indian environmental activist and an Eco feminist on the topic Challenges to Sustainable Farming from Globalization and Climate Change on 11th November 2013.

  • Lecture delivered by Dr. Mira Shiva on the topic GM Food and Health Concerns on 11th November 2013.

  • Lecture delivered by Prof Sanjukta Bhattacharyya of the Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University, on the topic The Third World on 14th November 2013.

  • Shri H.N Das IAS (Retd), Former Chief Secretary to the Govt of Assam delivered two lectures in the department of Political Science on the topic Sub-Federal Political Reorganization of Assam on 28th August 2014.

  • Prof. Chintamani Mahapatra, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi delivered a talk on Indo-US relations with emphasis on the opportunities and challenges for their partnership in the 21st century on 14th October 2014.

  • Dr. Sanjay Barbora, Associate Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Guwahati Campus, delivered a lecture on “Deconstructing Border: Conflicts and Consequences” on 21st June, 2016.

  • Prof. Rajan Gurukkal, former Vice-Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerela delivered a talk on political thought with emphasis on post-modernism and the life and work of Michael Foucault on 7th November 2014 in the Department of Political Science.

  • Prof. Akhil Ranjan Dutta of Guwahati University delivered a lecture on the topic “Interface between Rights and Security in Northeast India: Perceptions from Peoples ‘Movements’ , in the Department of Political Science, Dibrugarh University on 20th March 2015.


  1. Many of our former students are presently working as faculties and researchers in premier colleges, universities and institutes of the country. Our former students are also serving as bureaucrats, lawyers and teachers in various schools.

  2. Several of our former students have become prominent politicians of the country.

  3. Students of the Department have consistently done well in the UGC-NET/JRF examination.

  4. More than 100 candidates have completed Ph.D and more than 150 candidates have completed M.Phil from the Department. Over 30 research scholars are currently enrolled under M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in the Department.  

  5. The Department has carried out a number of research projects funded by both UGC and ICSSR on different issues relating to North-east India.

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