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Intellectual property (IP) refers to various distinct types of creations of the mind : inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce; for which a set of exclusive rights like copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets are recognized under the corresponding fields of law.

An Intellectual Property Right(IPR) Cell has been formed in Dibrugarh University to look after the activities related to the Intellectual Property of the University and also to create awareness among faculties, research scholar and the students of the University.



  • Prof. Dipak Chetia, Dean, Research and Development


  • Prof. P. Das, Dept. of Chemistry

  • Prof. Bijoy Neog, Dept. of Life Sciences

  • Dr. Chimun Kumar Nath, Department of Commerce

  • Dr. H. K. Sharma, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Dr. A. T. T. Mostako, Department of Physics

  • Kakoli Gogoi, Department of History

  • Gunadeep Chetia, Programmer, DU


  • Dhwajen Sonowal, Estate Officer


(i) One day Awareness Workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights" on 15th May, 2017

A one-day Awareness Workshop on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ for research scholars, faculty members of Dibrugarh University and teachers from its affiliated colleges was organized by the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell of Dibrugarh University on 15th May 2017. For detailed report click here.

(ii) Patent Search Workshop on 23rd November 2015

The IPR Cell, DU has organized a one-day workshop on patent search on 23rd November 2015 at the Indira Miri Conference Hall.  The main aim of this workshop was to create awareness about patent literature amongst researchers of Dibrugarh University. Sixty five participants mainly research scholars and young faculty members of various departments had attended this workshop. Prof. Prabuddha  Ganguli, MHRD IPR Chair Professor, Tezpur University and Mr. Yashawant Dev Panwar, Head,  Patent Facilitating Centre, TIFAC, New Delhi were the resource persons.



(iii) GI Camp on Muga Silk at Dhokuakhana College, on 30th April 2016 in collaboration with Tezpur University and ASTEC, Assam 

The IPR Cell of Dibrugarh University in collaboration with the IPR Cell of Tezpur University and Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), has organized a one-day Muga camp for Geographical Indications (GI) registrations on Muga Silk at Dhokuakhana college on 30th April 2016. Prof. Alak Kumar Buragohain, Former Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University, Prof Prabuddha Ganguli, MHRD IPR Chair Professor, Tezpur University, Mr. C. G. Naidu, Asst. Registrar, GI office, Chennai. Prof. Pankaj Das, Coordinator, IPR Cell, Dibrugarh University, Dr Pritam Deb, Coordinator, IPR Cell, Tezpur University, Dr. Taranath Duarah, Mr Bipul Saikia, Dr. Suchibrata Goswami, Dr. Juri Borbora Saikia were present in the Camp.

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(iv) Patent filing and awareness lecture on 2nd May 2016

The IPR cell, DU has organized special lectures on “how to file patents” on 2nd May 2016. Prof. Prabuddha Ganguli, MHRD IPR Chair Professor, Tezpur University has delivered the lectures. About 130 in-house researchers including faculty members from various science and Engineering departments, centres had attended the lecture.

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